Thursday, February 07, 2008

A star is born...

*For those of you who watched last night's US-Mexico match, you just witnessed a star being born.

Thrown into the wolf den known as the fiercest rivalry in North America, the much-heralded Jozy Altidore shined. Even without the deft header he scored to put the States up 2-1, the 18-year-old looked like a man amongst boys many times. Although his defending may have been suspect at times, he unquestionably displayed the qualities to be a thoroughbred up front for many years. Good news for the National Team, bad news for MLS.

It's worth noting that World Soccer magazine recently profiled the "Top 50 Teens" in world football, and amazingly, omitted Altidore in this group. Memo to World Soccer: get your heads out of your arses.

*For all the criticism made of the decision to can Eric Wynalda from the ESPN broadcasts, and the ensuing wrath that followed, John Harkes isn't that bad. Sure, he's nowhere near as entertaining as Waldo. In fact, he's actually as personable as a cardboard cut out. But, what can't be said is that he doesn't provide good insight on the match. Whatever his shortcomings are in terms of personality, he (almost) makes up for in his knowledge on the game.

That being said, him and JP Dellecamera make a pretty good broadcasting team. Is it as good as the Dave O'Brien, Waldo, and Tommy Smyth presentations? Give me two more matches before I decide. Now, a Waldo and Smyth duo in the booth? Why, that would be a match made in soccer heaven.

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