Friday, February 08, 2008

Training observations, 2/6

I apologize for the tardiness of this piece, but between computer strikes a 24-hour bug, I wasn't able to deliver this to you until now. So, without further ado...

The Revs held training at ForeKicks in Norfolk, MA ona rainy Wednesday morning. Among some of the highlights:

*The bulk of the training was devoted to stretching, calisthenics, and some jogging. Alternately, there were some shooting and passing drills. One perfectly finished ball, courtsey of Steve Nicol, ricocheted off an angled wall behind one of the nets and crashed toward the writer's area - thus achieving its intended effect.

*Taylor Twellman was the only noticeable absentee from training.

*The only draft pick signed thus far is first rounder Rob Valentino.

*The rest of the rookie crew (all on trial, as they have not yet signed with the club) present for training are as follows-

-Kheli Dube (#11)
-Jose Angulo (#25)
-Spencer Wadsworth (#26)
-Matthew Britner (#28)
-Kyle Altman (#30)
-Sam Brill (#34)

The two other SuperDraft picks - Michael Videira and Joe Germanese - are back at school, finishing their studies.

I spoke with both Britner and Wadsworth about their impressions of joining the Revolution. I'll be posting an article on each in the coming days.

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