Wednesday, October 04, 2006

More on (get it, moron?) Clint Dempsey winning the US Soccer Player of the Year Award: Deuce finished ahead (by a total of 237 points) of Kasey Keller, who received 184 points, and Brian McBride, who received 127 points. The points are gathered from a collection of 207 blokes who call themselves sports journalists. (So yeah, I'm bitter that they get paid for writing.) He is the first player to win the Award while playing for the Revs. Former Revs defender Alexi Lalas won it in 1995, a year prior to the inaugural MLS season.

2006 has no doubt been good to Dempsey. He tallied the lone World Cup goal for the American side this year, and has collected seven goals and three assists for the Revs. In nine international appearances, he accumulated four goals for the US side. The multi-talented Deuce also put out a track called "Don't Tread", the theme song for the US Men's National Team, and was featured in a Nike ad earlier this year.

Dempsey, who has long stated his desire to play in Europe, once again reiterated that point at the Award ceremony in Los Angeles: "And I want to play in Europe. Anywhere in Europe."

This opens a can of worms up large enough to catch boatloands of large-mouth bass. You may be asking, "Brian, what is your take on Deuce wanting to play for a team other than the Revolution?"

Here's my two copper Lincolns: Deuce signed a 4-year contract after he was drafted by the Revs in 2004 out of Furman College. So, he signed through the 2007 MLS season. After attaining considerable success internationally with the US squad, it's understandable that he wants to move on to greener pitches. Yes, he did sign a contract. And yes, he should honor that contract. But, I think a player of Dempsey's skill should allow himself to not only field other offers, but also allow himself to break free from his original contract and sign with a club abroad. There is no question that his development would be greatly heightened by playing in an elite European league. So in that respect, I think it would be beneficial not only to him, but to US Soccer, if he was allowed to break free from his contract and take his services overseas. Hell, isn't this why God created lawyers? Granted, the Revs, and the MLS by extension, have much to lose in the starpower that Dempsey wields. The "ooohs" and "ahhhhs" incited by Demspey's ballhandling prowess is much like that of any given AND1 Tour player, and that kind of buzz cannot be easily replaced. While Twellman is the consummate goal-scoring striker, Dempsey has the unique combination of talent and flair on the pitch not often seen in many arenas, nevermind just soccer.

With that being said, the MLS should find a way to broker a deal with a European club, cash in on the transfer fee, pat Rappin' Deuce on the back and wish him well. As a fan, I'll miss seeing number 2 in navy just absolutely making giving a defender or two "Manolo face" (you know, the facial expression given by Manolo in "Scarface" right before Tony Montana kills him after he finds out that Manolo married Tony's sister).

Personally, I would like to see the Revs win it all this year, with our boy Deuce riding off into the sunset, bags packed for the English countrysides of either Everton or Fulham (two clubs that have reportedly pursued him). It appears that the rocky marriage that is Deuce and MLS will come to a resolution by December.

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