Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Welcome to this piece of devotion to the New England Revolution soccer club. Here, I will share with you my incessant ranting and raving on the team, including, but not limited to, the players, coaches, front office, and the Team Ops personnel currently employed at Gillette Stadium. So, without further ado, should said blog entry actually induce drowsiness, do not operate a motor vehicle while reading this.

Full disclosure: I am a soccer newbie. I only profess to know what the Revolution website, US Soccer, ESPN Soccernet, players, fans, and other soccer heralds have graciously bestowed upon me over the past ten months or so since my awakening. I remember how, contrary to previous beliefs/daily affirmations, soccer used to be as thrilling as watching infomercials at 3:00am (Set it and...FORGET IT!) - nevermind, I'll save that story that for another time.

Big news: Revs are going to the playoffs. Actually, it's great news, not big news, as they've qualified for the playoffs in each of the past five seasons under the managerial reign of one Steve Nicol.

Saturday night's win which catapulted themselves to soccer beyond October 14 was made that much more impressive by a flurry of goals ("flurry" in terms of the zero and one goal outputs previously displayed by the squad in recent months) courtesey of a PK (penalty kick for those of you scoring at home) by Steve Ralston, a 59th minute tally by newcomer Jose Manuel Abundis (seen here signing a soccer ball for yours truly) and Clint Dempsey doing his best Nick Furyk imitation with his 20-yard line (the gridiron still visible from the previous week's Patriots-Broncos matchup) chip shot directly into the back corner of the net to the seal the result for the Revs. After the game, er match, one couldn't help but feel optimistic about the Revs chances down the stretch and into the playoffs.

But alas, I have been hardened by many New England winters and local team late-season failures (cough *Red Sox* cough) that read like front-page tabloid shockers (Anna Nicole Smith is carrying her attorney's baby? Couldn't believe it either, could you !?!) So, in the meantime, I shall keep my optimism as guarded as a Bill Belichick injury report. I believe the term is cautiously optimistic.

The trumpet that is ESPN.com has reported that our very own Clint Dempsey has been named U.S. Player of the Year, among the final contestant list of fellow US National teammates Kasey Keller and Brian "Steelface" McBride. Congratulations Deuce!

That is all for me today. In the words of our illustrious manager,


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