Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Because I'm all about MLS Cup this week

The Road to MLS Cup.

"It Begins."

"Juice Boxes."

I actually tried to embed these clips directly on the blog, but after the 78,437th time, I figured I'd just do hyperlinks. ENJOY!


Now, anyone who reads this blog knows I, like 99.999999% of America, love the underdog. So you can naturally assume who I am rooting for this weekend.

Ok, so NYRB beat my dark horse RSL. It took me like .02 seconds to get over that. But c'mon...who, besides Columbus fans and The Pat Noonan Fan Club is rooting for the Crew? It's like rooting for the house. Or Donald Trump.

Besides, what other professional New York team can claim a WESTERN Conference/Division title? It's quirky. You have to love that. You have to love it like Danny Cepero's 85-yard or something goal, or Juan Carlos Osario's dapper sideline attire. You have to think that the soccer gods are smiling upon them.

In short, there's just alot to love about the Red Bulls.

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