Friday, November 21, 2008

Adventures in journalism, Pt. 2

Another fantastic lead from Soccer America:

U.S. kids battle Madrid's future stars

THE U.S. UNDER-20 MEN'S NATIONAL team took on some of Madrid's top young talent. The Americans put three goals past Real Madrid C, but that total was match by a 16-year-old Portuguese dubbed the new Cristiano Ronaldo (emphasis added) in the Madrid team's 5-3 win. The next day, FC Dallas keeper Josh Lambo held off Atletico Madrid B and earned the U-20s a 0-0 tie.


Okay. That kid who scored the hat trick. You know, the "new Cristiano Ronaldo"? WHAT'S HIS NAME? Incredibly, the fact that this kid scored a hat trick does not warrant his actual name in the lead.

In fact, we don't learn his name - Alipio - until the third paragraph.

But Josh Lambo, who records a clean sheet the following day, gets a full-name mention. Unless I am WILDLY uninformed, or under the influence of an illicit agent that may have been slipped into my morning coffee, a player who scores three goals in match and is dubbed the next CR7 may deserve to have his, you know, actual name mentioned in the lead.

But who am I? I'm just a poor blogger buried under heaps of journalism homework.

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