Friday, October 17, 2008

Beaten to the juice, er, punch

Back in March, I was going to do a piece on steroids in soccer, specifically, MLS. After the scandals that erupted in baseball, and to a lesser degree, the NFL, I was going to ask Steve Ralston - as an MLS lifer - about whether he thought it was a problem in MLS.

My thought was that, granted, soccer players don't need the show muscles seen in other sports. But, the endurance and stamina required could easily be enhanced by human growth hormone (HGH) or any other type of designer steroid/performance enhancer that lessen the recovery time during, say, a grueling multiple-match week.

I ran this idea by a few of my peers, and the consensus wasn't incredibly positive. So, I did what any lazy reporter did: I failed to pursue it.

All I can say now is DARN! DARN IT ALL TO HECK!* Why? Because Jon Conway and Jeff Parke just got busted for taking performance enhancers this week.

(*Sorry. Just had a fit of 'roid rage there for a second. Ooooohhhh..ok. I'm OK. I'm good.)

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