Thursday, June 26, 2008

Second apology

Wow, the past eight weeks just kind of flew by, now didn't they? Sheesh. Eight weeks being the last time I posted here, there's been so much that's transpired since that I've failed to comment on that I could write a multi-volume encyclopedia on. But I won't. I'm lazy.

Let's touch up on a few things, though, that are worth a mention:

1. The Revolution - top of the table. It's June 26th. I'll give you a word: incredible.

Yes, my lexicon isn't exactly running on 93 octane this afternoon, but think about it: The club's top three goalscorers from 2007 are either gone or hurt. Yet, here are the Revolution, with the likes of such who-dats as Kheli Dube, Kenny Mansally, Sainey Nyassi and Adam Cristman leading the way. Dube, the pride of Coastal Carolina College, has four goals in seven matches. Mansally and Nyassi are the most popular scoring tandem around outside of the Jonas Brothers. Then, there is Cristman and his injured toe. Despite his early-season relegation to bench duty, injuries and national team call-ups have opened the door for the former Cavalier to break through with four goals of his own on the season.

I am singing the praises of a first place Revolution without typing "T-W-E-L-L-M-A-N." Chew on that for second.

Ok, come back.

2. What the hell is wrong with my motherland Portugal? I don't know if I was wearing my Nuno Gomes or Ricardo Quaresma jersey when the thought crossed my mind, but this team is becoming the Giambi-era Yankees. Severe overachievers, if you will. Portugal has the best player in the world (CR7), two potent wingers (Nani and Quaresma), a world-class attacking mid (Deco), and a talented backline. But God, when crunch time comes, they wilter. They fall. The manager takes a job at Chelsea. The best player can't keep his mouth shut about Real Madrid. I'm thinking of three letters, in this succession: W, T, and F.

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