Friday, April 25, 2008

One word: "School"

To the collection of close friends, family, and enemies who regularly visit this little space of mine on the information superhighway: "I'm sorry."

Much like Jimmy Conrad often goes weeks (and sometimes months) without regular updates due to his all-consuming job as - get this - a professional soccer player, I too have been fairly busy with a little thing called higher education. Ok, so I'm a part-time student at the state college, but in addition to my full-time job, I've been belligerant in my duties here. So, without further Adu, let's talk football. futbol. soccer.

*News Writing class has taught me much, although I was disappointed that I was unable to find a chapter in my textbook devoted to soccer writing. Sigh. I know, I need all the help I can get. But, I was able to improve upon my journalistic style through a combination of a wonderful professor and an engaging textbook. So, the new Brian O'Connell, semi-good soccer journalist will be making his debut here shortly, once the semester commences on May 9th.

*The Revs pulled off one of their most impressive victories in recent memory last night at The Hut, by beating an undefeated FC Dallas on national TV. Seriously. No Jeff Larentowicz, Mauricio Castro, Taylor Twellman, Sainey Nyassi, Steve Ralston, Chris Albright, Pat Noo...oops...sorry, there...It had all the potential to be an embarrassing affair for the Revs. But Krazy Khano right-footed an improbable goal in the 72nd minute to the give the reserves, er, first team, an incredible three points on the road. Depth issues? Not this year, at least not yet.

*It's the final weekend of April, and mehopes that the Mexican and Guatamalan soccer kicks off this weekend at India Point Park and Gano Street Park, respectively. It's been much too long since I was able to mingle with my Spanish-speaking soccer aficionados.

To futbol! Salud!

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