Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I meant to write before the regular season finale about how much I was looking forward to the match - but you already knew that. And if you didn't, my ego has a few choice words for you.

So I sit here, the Tuesday after the match, eating my oatmeal on a cool Autumn morning thinking about the next home game: Game 2 semi-final vs. Chicago at Gillette on October 29. 7:30pm. My ticket (as well as the ticket of the only friend who attends these matches with me, the lovely Jenn) has been paid for, and barring an eventual mindless moment of forgetting the ticket at home, (note to self: leave the ticket in the glove compartment - and don't forget that it's there, dummy!) I shall arrive in full postseason soccer swagger, speaking like a damned fool when I say, "Aggregate goals? Shootouts? I'm there!" But I digress.

Meanwhile, the Game 1 semifinal will be broadcast on ABC on Sunday afternoon at 1:00pm. Warning: The following comment is dripping with sarcasm. Yes! I'll actually get to watch it this time! (Yes, that is a shot at Cox3 for not showing the last Revs-United game. Call me bitter.) Which happens to coincide with the Patriots-Bills game, also at 1. I hate to say it, but I've been a die-hard Pats fan since the tender age of 8, and I'm gonna have to... give the Revs match priority. There. My allegiances have been split, and I have decided in favor of Gillette Stadium's favorite 2nd tenant.

That's not to say that I won't flip between the channels, but it'll be primarily Revs viewing I'll be doing while sitting in the recliner in the "spare room", eating a turkey sandwich while chasing it down with an uncaffeinated soft drink. The jersey I shall wear while watching has yet to be determined, although I'm initially inclined to say that it'll be my white Twellman model that shall bear the brunt of sweat, spilled soda, and sandwich crumbs.

Meanwhile, there has been recent talk of Gillette Stadium's natural grass field being replaced with FieldTurf due to the horrible condition the field is presently in. Alot of people are pointing to the fact that the field wear is due in part to not only the Patriots, but to the Revs as well.

(Insert smart comment here)

"Well, last I checked, the Revs hadn't unveiled their revolutionary (pardon the pun) "2-2-2-2-2 formation" exclusively between the football hashmarks (where 99% of the field wear is located) during any point of any match this season. Yes, I am as disappointed as you are about this. Revs players have confided to me that they fancy to take ALL of their shots, passes, and defend between the football hashmarks. In fact, manager Steve Nicol has requested that the Revs practice pitch now have football hashmarks painted on for this purpose."

(End of smart comment)

And don't even talk to me about installing FieldTurf next year. The only thing worse than watching an errant Khano Smith shot (all in good fun, Mr. Smith) is watching an errant Khano Smith shot on FieldTurf, which, in my opinion, seems to create even more cartoonishly-silly wide-right, left, sideways, up and under shots on goal. Don't believe me, TiVo a Red Bulls game at the Meadowlands (FieldTurf heaven), then get back to me. Just say no - to any artificial surface at any soccer stadium, that is.

Ok...time to step off the soapbox. I'll be posting again later this week. About what, you ask?

I have no idea. It'll be Revolution-related.

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