Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Do I stay or do I go?

I write you on this clear and cool Autumn morning with the following predicament on my hands: Do I stay or do I go?

More specifically, do I dare trek to our nation's capital to see our lads in person square off against DC United in the Eastern Conference Final, or do I stay on speaking terms with my bank account and watch the game on TV with some other hardy Revs fans?

I've got to say that the quandry is a good one: either way, I'll be joining (and meeting) fellow Revs supporters for this monumentous match, be it live or televised. The prospect of being joined with other Revs fans, people whom I've never met but have the same strong bond to our club, has me doing my usual weekend planning dance typically reserved for Friday afternoon, on Monday morning instead. To meet others who share the same passion and attachment for our team, in such a crucial match already has me looking scrambling to check the finances, family obligations (my brother's birthday is on Friday), and other prior/possible commitments to see which scenario - travel or stay - is best suited for me.

Either way, this weekend bears the promise of much cheer and excitement for sure, as our Supah Revs head into DC to take the Eastern Conference crown.

*Some housekeeping issues on my end have to be attended to this week. I have, hanging in my overflowing closet, three Revs jerseys - two 2006 models, home and away, and one 2005 home model - all needing customization done to them.

However, I have been debating lately as to which players to customize each with. I have decided that the 06 blue jersey will be "Noonan 11", leaving the 06 white jersey and 05 blue jersey in question. I'm leaning toward "Dempsey 2" for the white jersey, and but am stuck in deciding the final jersey. Cancela 7...Ralston 14...Parkhurst 15...Dorman 25...decisions, decisions!

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