Monday, March 16, 2009

Paper writing and brain cramping

Does a post to apologize for lack of recent posts qualifiy as a true post? I don't think it does. Otherwise, I could simply post here every two days to say I'm sorry that I haven't posted in two days. That would be cheating. I think.

So anyway, I am sorry about the crickets here. You'd think that a time called Spring Break would offer, you know, a break. Not for me. Another 18-page story and a host of essay reading provided what I'll tentatively title Spring Breakdown. My hurts. My eyes...they sting. My fractured.

But seriously, I do have a post on the way on Pawtucket soccer, I'm just having trouble locating a couple of quotes. I'm pretty darn excited about Thursday. It's about time some real life, regular season soccer got underway. As much as I enjoy the offseason, writing about rumors, ideas, and general non-action can drive me absolutely batty. Batty to the brink of the drinks. Not really.

I'll post the Pawtucket piece tonight, and get started on another gleeful post shortly thereafter.

Less than 96 hours until First Kick...

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