Friday, January 16, 2009

Yay! More soccer fun today

I have to admit, yesterday was pretty darn fun. I'm still not a believer in SuperDraft, but the banter surrounding it is, bar none, pretty entertaining. And that was just on the internets!

But the discussions on the telly were pretty, um, interesting. Alexi Lalas said that Taylor Twellman was "gone." Twellman came on a few minutes later with Allen Hopkins and said, "No, that is false. I am staying in New England. By the way, isn't Alexi Lalas still unemployed?"* And while there was alot of trade buzz - Christian Gomez being the biggest name discussed - only minor ones were orchestrated.

(*Okay, I made that up. But you knew Twellman just wanted to publicly rip Alexi a new one after that comment. I was fearful for the safety of Allen Hopkins ear drums during that interview.)

Perhaps my favorite SuperDraft non-story was this update on Ives Galarcep's blog a little after the two o'clock hour.

"Mo Johnston and Steve Nicol are talking as we speak."

Really? Mo and Stevie? TALKING??? Next update: the earth's climate is changing - perhaps getting warmer in some locales.

When are the old Scottish pals not talking? That's not a development - that's just a couple of bffs catching up with each other!

Anyway, after three hours of rumors, banter, false reports, needless stalling and timeouts,* every MLS club collected the inexpensive training fodder, I mean, fresh young talent they've coveted since their seasons concluded last fall. Praise be to the soccer gods.

(*Timeouts? Jeez, I thought this was a professional selection process, not a rotisserie draft at a Cub Scout meeting. After New York took its second round (!!!) TO, I was waiting for Dallas to call a maxsie's taksie's.)

But the fun isn't over. Nope. Even though the bone-chilling temperatures will likely keep you indoors for the evening, soccer's gonna come through once again. You better get the recliner warm, station the remote on the arm rest, and a have hot beverage ready for tonight. Because tonight, not only will Women's Professional Soccer announces its first class of prospects, but the National Soccer Hall of Fame will introduce its 2009 class as well.

All this haberdasherie may mean little to some, but for soccer lovers, it's the proverbial first blooming bud on the cherry tree. Although single-digit highs and sub-zero nights may state otherwise, spring is almost here. In a matter of weeks, MLS clubs will commence their preseason training schedules, and WPS clubs will follow shortly thereafter.

Ahhhhh...I can almost hear the constant, but soothing patter of boots kissing soccer balls.

Spring will be here soon, my friends. And that's when the real fun will arrive.


Jason D said...

Allen Hopkins bothers me every time he asked a question, then proceeds to bob back and forth like an extra in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Stand still and listen Allen!

By the way, don't know if you caught it, but seem my last comment on your last post, but email me when you can jbdavis1 at gmail. It's about the rating tag you've got on your page.

BrianTheOC said...


I love Allen Hopkins for the fact that he's a character, but yeah, sometimes he just becomes a parody of himself. Sometimes (actually, all the time) you just wish somebody would tell him "JUST ASK THE QUESTION!"

I sent you an e-mail just now - btw, you've got quite an interesting blog on your hands.

Take care.