Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Until soccer is my life...

I've been bad. Negligent. I really, really love this blog, and the inkling of attention it gets from a few good people, which really makes this little project even more worthwhile.

Here's my excuse. I have this 18-page paper to write, and it's kinda due this week. Unfortunately, it is not about soccer this time around.* So I can't even put forth any whimsical soccer-related comments on the particulars of putting it together. All I can say is that it's something I've dived into from a high plank, which, unfortunately, leaves little to no time for me to stop and do other things. Like, eating. Sleeping. Feeding the cat.

(*This time, I've decided to write about a very good friend of mine, who will be graduating in May. It's a deeply personal story about our friendship, and according to a friend who's read the draft, it almost made her cry.)

But anyway, that's my excuse for being an absentee landlord for the past few days. Bear with me. I'll be back posting very soon.

In the meantime, if you are in dire need of some commentary, I highly recommend checking out my buddy Jason Davis' Match Fit USA blog while I'm gone. Be sure to give him a high Blogged rating. He's good.


Jason D said...

Thanks for pimping my product, Brian. Good luck on the paper, and hurry back; I think you might be the only decent blogger out there with an actual interest in WPS, and lord know they'll need the attention. Haha

BrianTheOC said...

No problem Jason - I'll try to get back in the saddle ASAP. Thaanks for the kudos as well!