Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Same day, different blog

I just took a look at the archive list for the month. Wow. Two posts in seven days? Really? For shame.

I think an explanation seems in order. So, here it is.

Based upon my previous post, the big news in Rhode Island Stingray Land - of which I am an official citizen due to my title as the club's director of media relations - is that one of our own, Geoff Cameron, was recently called up to the U.S. Men's National Team Camp. I could be very wrong - and pardon me if I am - but I believe he is the first former Stingray to be called into a National Team camp.

Wonderful news, right? Naturally, it's my job to spread that news. I did, with my previous post. But I also felt that something should come from the organization stating how proud we were that a former player had ascended to that level, one in which he has gained the attention from the National Team.

So what did I do? After consulting with Stingrays president Mario Pereira, we decided to start an official Rhode Island Stingrays blog.

In short, the blog will be regularly updated to keep the fans, friends, and local media apprised of the latest news concerning the club. We hope to get some feedback to really make the blog a one-stop shop for all things Stingray soccer. I'm still fine tuning it as the week progresses, so what you see today, tomorrow or Friday may not be the finished product.

Interestingly enough, the idea was actually inspired by Josh Hakala, a fellow journalist/public relations man himself, who recommended a live match blog back in July. I tried to do just that, but you know how I can be with this technology stuff.*

(*I STILL can't figure out how to add an enclosure link. It's 2009. Jeez, am I inept or what?)

It's likely that the Stingray blog, paired with the Spring semester (which starts on January 20th) may prevent me from posting here as much as I have during the past four months. I hope it doesn't by much. I really like it here. I like the comments, the feedback, and the freedom of writing about whatever the heck I feel like.

So, check out the Stingray blog. It may not be as witty as it is here, but I hope it's informative and engaging. Tell me what you think here, or there.

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