Monday, December 22, 2008

Because five of you asked for it...

Occasionally, I get feedback about this blog in the form of comments, e-mails, word-of-mouth suggestions, and singing telegrams.* Whether it's positive, negative, or just absolutely leaves me in tears, I always appreciate feedback. It means this little space on the interweb gets some attention every so often, and I'm proud that people take a few seconds to read what I've posted.

(*Singing telegrams. Can you imagine if such telegrams were in fashion today in 2008-soon-to-be-2009? If I ever became general manager of an MLS club, one of my first directives would be to issue all player transactions in the form of singing telegrams.

Like this:

"This will con-FIRM

That the gaffer has

reached a TERMS

His deal's been


Eh...Eh? Eghhhhh....)

So, as a thank you, I've decided that I'll post my 15-page paper on this year's Anchorwomen. However, because I am a conniving little blogger, I'll post it in pieces to keep you coming back. You'll want to come back. You'll want more. Trust me.

I'll get it started tomorrow.

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