Thursday, November 13, 2008

Saturday Saturday Saturday!

**Brilliant readers, because of the enormous toll that this 20-page-now-10-page paper has taken, I've been delinquent in posting as of late. Please accept my apologies for the brief post.**

While catching the final seven minutes of "Saved by the Bell" ("SBTB" to we late-80's children) this morning, a cold reality struck me. Saturday's NCAA match between Rhode Island College and Babson College could very well be the final soccer game I'll watch for the remainder of the calendar year. Where the heck did all the regional football go?**

(*It was the episode in which Soleil Moon-Frye - a.k.a Punky Brwester - makes a cameo as Screech's supposed girlfriend. But in truth, she's what Kanye West would call a "gold digger", because Screech - who somehow came into money during the first 20 minutes of the episode - always showered her with gifts. For the life of me, I cannot remember her character's name, but she later admits that she was with Screech because he bought her stuff. )

(**Answer: to the pasture of premature offseasons.)

Despite that, I'm brimming with excitement for the match. My school is in the NCAA's. It's their first ever NCAA game. Okay, it's the Division III NCAA's. But that doesn't lessen the significance one bit. It's a momentus event for a public institution whose enrollment is just a shade over 10,000 - many of whom commute - and is currently feeling the effect of a statewide budget crunch.

So as a current student, if this is indeed the final soccer game before I throw away my 2008 calendars, it is a fitting end to the soccer season. Few times has a game meant more to me than this one, aside from Anchorwomen soccer games. I'm rooting for a win, of course, but even if their efforts fall short of victory, I will be proud. Proud because, for the first time since I can remember - maybe even ever - the Anchormen could write the final chapter of the local soccer season. Not the super-talented Revs. Not the super-funded Brown Bears.* Not even the neighboring super-coached Friars. The Anchormen.

(*Whom, I am convinced, actually outspend the Revolution on players, despite their amateur status.)

Not bad a for a small D-III school.

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