Monday, October 13, 2008

Random post time!

It's that time again - the random post is back - and worse than ever!

I talked to injured sophomore midfielder Kristina Haughey after Saturday's match, and she said that when she first hurt her knee, she didn't think it was serious. But after an MRI this week, the injury was confirmed as an ACL tear, which will require surgery and end her season.

The prognosis is good. She hopes to be able to play soccer in about six months, which is remarkable. She said she was "lucky" that it was just the ACL, and not the MCL and/or PCL as well, which would have likely kept her on the shelf for a bit longer. More importantly, though, it appears that the injury won't affect her long-term health, and she'll make a full recovery.

Obviously, the Anchorwomen would love have Haughey on the field rather than the bench. It's a big loss considering how good she was on the wing this season. Is it as crucial a loss as, say, Aubrey O'Day's departure from Danity Kane this week?*

(*It's confirmed: I have absolutely no shame.)

Time will tell.


After my Advanced Creative Nonfiction class Wednesday evening, I traipsed over to the campus bookstore in an effort to find a new piece of RIC apparel to add to the wardrobe. A few items piqued my curiousity. A fashionable long-sleeved 'Go Anchormen' tee here. An UnderArmour RIC top there.

But where was the 'Go Anchorwomen' apparel?

Here's a suggestion to the fine folks at the bookstore: get some Anchorwomen apparel in there. And not just chick apparel either. An Anchorwomen soccer scarf? Put me down for two. An Anchorwomen jersey? Make mine # 7*. While we're at it - how about an Anchorwoman logo?

(*Gotta shout out the player responsible for the acclaim I received on my feature for Advanced News. After my prof reviewed it, he said that I was "his favorite." Others will have to wash his car to stay on his good side.)

To borrow a phrase from my Sunday Morning Striker days...'my agent is standing by awaiting your phone call.'

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