Friday, October 24, 2008

MLS Predictions

For the second consecutive week, I have missed at least one mid-week game and am bringing you a partial list of predictions. By 2009, I hope to get this problem fixed and deliver a full slate of predictions in a more timely fashion.

Until then, I'll be my usual unorganized and tardy self for the remainder of the season. Wait, where are you going..?

Anyway, here are a few predictions to chew on over the weekend.

Chicago 5, New York 2.
Again, I just have a feeling.

New England 1, Kansas City 1.
Mauricio Castro scores his first inter-MLS goal in the 68th minute, while Jimmy Conrad will not score the equalizer for the Wiz until the 88th minute. With one point, New England stumbles into the playoffs (2-6-4 in MLS competition since August 9th), while with one point, Kansas City will be thanking their lucky stars that the Red Bull loss awarded them a postseason berth.

Real Salt Lake 2, Colorado 1.
Did I mention that I'm on the RSL bandwagon? Yep, still there, and with good reason after they beat FC Dallas last week to keep their playoff hopes alive. Sadly, the same will not be true for Colorado in this must-see match in which one team stays alive, while one team exits the playoff picture for good...okay, maybe just for this season.

Toronto FC 1, San Jose 0.
No playoffs for you...or you! Incredibly, this is only the second most anti-climactic MLS match this weekend. The two newest clubs on the MLS season will play for nothing but another win in an effort to make their records a hair more respectable.

Houston 1, Chivas USA 0.
After Chivas locked themselves into the postseason last week, and Houston having done the same like three months ago, this match could serve as a preview for the Western Conference championship. I have a feeling there is more to this match than meets the eye, though in a non-Transformers(TM) kind of way.

FC Dallas 0, Los Angeles -1.
There you are! Hello, most anti-climactic match of the weekend! It's so good to see you! As for the scoreline, yes, that is a negative-1 after Los Angeles. I don't know how that will work, but trust me on it. Not coincidentally, this match will afford Dallas a graf in newspapers across the country when they become the first team in MLS history to achieve three points in a zero-goal effort without requiring penalties.

Columbus 2, D.C. United 0.
Although this match is far more important to the Eagles than the Crew, Columbus will continue its good fortunes with a victory before heading full bore into the same postseason D.C. will be denied from for the first time since 2002.

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