Tuesday, September 16, 2008

WPS Allocations

It's been far too long since I've written about the women's game, so here's some fodder for that anticipated water cooler discussion.

I expected the returns of Angela Hucles and Kristine Lilly to Boston. No surprise there. With another recognizable name like Heather Mitts on board, the Breakers have positioned themselves well with their selections. If the matches were played on paper, I already like the Breakers' chances.

I can't tell you how excited I am that the Breakers - and women's pro soccer as a whole - are finally back. Without going on a full-bore tangent, I can't overstate how great this is for not only soccer fans, but girls who play sports. Their dreams of becoming professional athletes can only be enhanced with WPS now in place. I've stated before that if I'm blessed to have a daughter/daughters someday, I'll want her/them to look at the Breakers as sports role models. In fact, one of the things I look forward to as a parent someday is taking my daughter(s) to a Breakers game up at a soccer-spec stadium TBA.

I cannot wait until their season starts in April. As a reporter, I'm excited at the chance to cover them and give them as much press as possible. My interactions with the U.S. Women's National Team have been nothing but the positive, and they are all more than willing to speak with the media. Stuff like that goes a long way for us media types. Needless to say, I hope WPS will be a smashing success for years to come.


On a sad note, I was hoping that Carli Lloyd, my favorite Jersey girl, would be traveling up I-95 to play for the Breakers. Alas, she was selected by Chicago, thus depriving me of the chance to see her play regularly.

Perhaps a mid-season trade to Boston could be orchestrated?

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