Thursday, September 18, 2008

Where's my Thursday Night Primetime?

Let me preface this submission by stating a sad reality: I did not know which day yesterday was.

I blame the mid-week vacation day for this, along with a grossly obese schedule consisting of work, night classes, NESHOF obligations, writing obligations, parish obligations, volunteering for the DebateWatch program on campus, and making waffles. Really. Waffles.

Here's a brief stream-of-consciousness interlude...

After a thrilling three hours of Advanced Creative Writing: Nonfiction, I drove my car along the central/northwestern quadrant of Route 44 from North Providence to Smithfield en route to Barnes & Noble Booksellers. Upon my arrival, I reclaimed "Bush at War", a telling account of our beloved president's motives for going into Iraq. This is an exceptional read. Bob Woodward is perhaps one of the best journalists to ever grace this earth. Period. He has no peer. The man is simply brilliant. He...

Sorry, about that. I read a couple of chapters, return the book back its home shelf, exit said bookstore, and then make a short, 30-second trip to the adjacent Target store. After trolling the aisles looking for Honey Nut Scooters*, my brain froze my body to a dead stop.

(*The official breakfast cereal of prospective soccer bloggers. A bargain at $3.99 per 28 oz. family-sized bag.)

"Holy crap - I totally forgot about Thursday Night Primetime. "

I checked my cell phone - it was 7:54pm. Forks and knives!* I hurried my shopping, checked out my cereal and a dapper hooded sweatshirt, and made a B-line for my car. From there, the journey to East Providence took about 13 minutes, and upon my entrance, completely forgot about MLS Primetime. I then ate a delicious chicken breast meal prepared by my dear mother, and followed it up with some homework assignments I'd avoided for the past six days.

(*Actually, it was more along the lines of a choice curse word that I'm not at liberty to print here. Hey, it's a family blog, ok?)

Midway through my reading of "Tell it Slant", the official textbook of Creative Writing: Nonfiction, the thought of televised MLS primetime rebirthed. "Oh crap!"

I clicked on the TV, and searched ESPN and the Deuce. Baseball. Poker. Respectively. Where the heck is the soccer at? 010101110110000111111101010101!!!!!!

I went to bed last night particularly disturbed, thinking I had missed the game. I woke up this morning. I remembered it was Thursday.

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