Thursday, September 25, 2008

A random Fire jersey sighting: the first in a series?

It was early. It was morning. It was early morning.

With my mind still on autopilot, I made daily visit to the local Dunkin Donuts and was quickly awakened by the smell of roast coffee and - get this - a dude in front of me wearing a white Chicago Fire jersey.


He was two customers ahead of me. My eyes transfixed upon the "Fire" emblem on the back collar the entire time I waited in line. It swear, it gazed back at me. A part of me wanted to say "Hey, nice jersey."

But I was too lazy to muster the energy required to vocalize that sentiment.


Then, my awakened mind and began to play around with a few random thoughts.

Is he really a Fire fan? I mean, you really don't see many Fire jerseys being worn in East Providence. Who the heck is this dude? Calen Carr?

Is it his jersey, or is it his older brother's?

Is he a fan of soccer, or just a fan of soccer jerseys?*

Is he wearing it as a statement? If so, what is that statement? "The Fire are the best?" Or is it, "MLS rules, this is the only MLS jersey I could find at Marshall's so I'm wearing it now in a high-visibility area to spread the MLS gospel among as many Gentiles as possible?"

Alas, I simply shut it off, ordered my iced coffee, and prepared myself for another day at the office.

(*I ask this because I have a friend who asked me to find him a French National Team jersey because he thought soccer jerseys were cool to rock. Who am I to argue? Eventually, I found him a Zinedine Zidane France jersey. My friend cannot tell you who Zidane is, nor can he pronounce "Zinedine", but man, he loves wearing that soccer jersey whenever we go out.)

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