Monday, August 25, 2008

I know what you're thinking...

Two posts in one day? What the heck?

Well, all I can say for myself besides the usual litany of excuses (work, school, sleep, and Sonic the Hedgehog 2) is that I've been inspired. Yes. By what, you ask (or may want to ask)?

Well, ask one of my readers (not that there are many), friends, family, and professors, and they will tell you the same thing about me(besides the fact that I drink too much caffeine): Jeez, that dude likes to write. Like Perez Hilton likes to dish out the latest gossip, Brian O'Connell (first third-person reference of the year) lives to tell the world about soccer. Isn't he (second second-person reference) such a swell soccerball writer?

ANYWAY, the reason I'm writing here again is two-fold. One reason is that, hey, I miss you guy(s). You guy(s) is/are my guy(s). You've been deprived of me for far too long. So here I am!

The second reason is that now that I'm employed by, I'm obligated to stick to the facts. Commentary and op-eds are like ugly ducklings over there. But I have no complaints. They've got a format there. I've got this forum right here to inflict my utter lack of knowledge and hair-brained ideas on my loyal reader(s).

Now, if you're brain hasn't turned to mush yet, I've actually got some news to share with you.

I attended the New England Soccer Hall of Fame's August meeting tonight over at the Portuguese Sporting Club in Fox Point (for those unfamiliar, that's in Providence). The biggest piece of news was that this year's induction ceremony will take place on November 1, 2008 at The Riviera Inn restaurant in East Providence. Start time is 7:00pm ET. Ties and cummerbuns not required.

As someone who loves soccer, I highly encourage anyone who cannot escape the pull of this game to come on by and support the local soccer legends. Yes, legends. City legends. Neighborhood legends. Professional legends. Guys (and gals) that were talked about like Yaz in Boston, or Richard Hatch in Cranston. You have no idea how rich a history New England has until you spend a couple of hours at a NESHOF induction ceremony. Did you know that Rhode Island alone boasts no fewer than ten clubs that all made the smallest state its home at point or another? It's true. Do you know about Billy Gonsalves? How about the Pawtucket Rangers? Well, I suggest you get familiar with some of these clubs and players that kicked around the real football before it was white with semi-alternating black panels.

Get to know your sport's history. I personally invite you to attend the ceremony. In addition to the great Portuguese food and drink, the NESHOF guys annually roll out what can accurately be called a mini-museum of soccer artifacts, photos, balls, and newspaper clippings that all relate to New England's soccer scene. Believe me when I tell you that it is an experience like no other for any warm-blooded soccer fan.

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