Thursday, February 28, 2008

Because I'm a bad, bad blogger

Esteemed Readership,

I have failed you the past fortnight. Instead of delivering the regular articles, features, and random thoughts ready for semi-daily chastisement (sp?), I have been remiss in updating this little blog o' mine. Surely, your soccer landscape has become like desert as a result. For this, I truly do apologize.

Anywho, here are some random thoughts for to lessen the enormous amount of unused brain cells that have dogged you these last two weeks.

* just released the U-23 roster, and there is not a single Revolution player listed, even though Adam Cristman has been called into camp in the past. Obviously, cases (very convincing ones, in fact) could be made that Freddy and Jozy obviously deserve spots up front. That'll be a given for the next half-decade, whether it be U-23s or the full men's team. Robbie Findley is an intruguing selection, but Charlie Davies? Yes, he was probably one of the best collegiate forwards last year before he scuttlebutted to Norway. But during his previous US MNT stints, he really hasn't shown much at all. For real. Why isn't Cristman on the latest roster? I smell another anti-Revolution conspiracy!

*Woke up this morning just in time to catch SportsCenter's Top 10 players. At number 3: an actual La Liga highlight in which a Valencia player (I was just waking up - I'm wasn't conscious enough to remember his name) deftly headed a free kick into the ol' onionbag. Brilliant goal. Soccer...on Top 10 Plays? That sound you hear is my disdain for ESPN deflating.

*Lastly, Revolution camp's been fairly quiet. No word on whether Mauricio Castro has joined the team. There hasn't been mention of it in the Official Revolution Blog posted on their website. Hey, it could be worse: at least it's not some overweight, washed up former superstar we're waiting on.

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