Friday, December 21, 2007

It's the busiest time of the year

Devoted readers,

I apologize for not staying current with this little blog o' mine, but with numerous work-related deadlines, Christmas shopping, birthdays, and numerous holiday surveys to fill out in my spare time, I've found myself straying. So, for your pleasure, I promise this entry, along with at least one more before Christmas.

*The more I apprise myself of international football, the more I pair it with the holidays. Just this past week, I was reminded of the upcoming El Clasico between Real Madrid and Barcelona on Sunday. Oh, Santa, how I wish you'd bring me a flat screen hi-def TV so that I could watch it in crisp, vibrant colors. But in the meantime, I'll settle for any kind soul with GolTV to graciously welcome me into his/her home for the match.

*On the topic of classic football rivalries, I was reading up on the Boca Juniors and River Plate rivalry down in Argentinia and came to the realization that before my soul departs this earth, I must see it for myself in person. From every account I've read thus far, it is the most passionate of rivalries, and a sight to behold for any soccer fan on the planet. My only question: are Argentinean chicks as hot as Brazilian chicks? If so, my flight will definitely be booked within the hour.

*Lastly, I would just like to comment on one of my favorite football announcers, Tommy Smyth. In his assessment of Fabio Capello's hiring by England, he passionately stated that Cappello "is probably the most STUFFING coach in the world. He STUFFS the game down. He doesn't let the players play." Oh ho ho ho (wipes the tear), that was classic. I love Tommy Smyth, and I love him even more for that hilarious criticism of Capello.

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