Friday, December 07, 2007

My soccer-soaked Christmas List

For my kind, well-compensated readers and rich potential stalkers, here are the soccer-related items on my Christmas list this year:

1. 2007-08 Fulham FC Clint Dempsey jersey. For obvious reasons.

2. 2007-08 Newcastle Michael Owen jersey. I put this on my list because I've been watching "Goal! The Dream Begins" like an incessant fiend. The flick features the main character playing for Newcastle. After the twelfth viewing, I became a sucker for the black and white strip.

3. 2007-08 AC Milan Kaka' jersey. First, because he's like the best player in the world, and the black and red kit is actually one of my favorite kits to begin with. Second, because I don't have any Serie A kits as of yet. Last, because I think it would be pretty cool to walk around the mall with a jersey that has "Kaka'" on the back. I think it would be conversation starter, for real.

4. 2007-08 Internazionale Luis Figo jersey. Hey, I wanna be prepared when he comes to play for the Revs.

5. 1979 New England Tea Men throwback jersey. I could actually write a 50-page dissertation on why I would love to find this jersey under the tree, but for the sake of everyone's sanity, I'll keep it to a couple of sentences. I love this jersey because I love throwback jerseys in the first place (I've got at least 20 NFL throwbacks already), and it's a soccer throwback (don't see too many of those on the streets). Plus, it's a garish ketchup & mustard red and yellow, which is also sure ot be a conversation starter at the next Revs/MLS game.

6. UEFA Champions League DVD. Per my previous entry, Champions League and Christmas go together like Becks and, Posh.

7. The World Cup: The Ultimate Guide to the Greatest Sports Spectacle in the World (by Fernando Fiore). I already have a vast collection of books on the World Cup, but I always seem to learn something new about the Cup with every book I read on it. One of the few World Cup-oriented books that I don't yet have.

8. The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Soccer: The Definite Illustrated Guide to World Soccer (edited by Keir Radnedge). I don't have a coffee table just yet, but when I do, I'll place this fantastic book upon it to for all of my house guests know that I care that they should care about the world's game. That, in addition to the fact that it would actually be an interesting coffee table book, rather than one of those cliche'd art books or a pictorial of the world's seven natural wonders.

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