Friday, October 26, 2007

The (groggy and discombobulated) Friday morning rant

A few lingering thoughts from last night as I took the elevator to the second floor this morning:

1. After flipping to the DC United-Chicago Fire in between innings of Game 2 of the World Series, I'll know when MLS becomes big when the MLS playoffs are sponsored by the motion picture American Gangster.

2. As goofy as he can sometimes be (I'm still laughing about his "streetfight" comment during the Columbus-New England Thursday night match back in May), I love Rob Stone. Because while Red Sox Nation is drenched in "Soxtober", the unintentionally funny Stone phrased a term of his own for the MLS playoffs: "Socctober." Kinda corny, but I'll roll with it.

Additionally, I like how Stone opened up the pre-game, stating that MLS does not need a single-table format, a la EPL, La Liga, and just about every major European league in the world. I wholeheartedly agree. I love all kinds of soccer, including many leagues in which I may never see first-hand ever in my life (unless business calls me to Turkey, so I can catch my favorite Turkcell Super Lig club, Fenerbahce). But for my money, and time, MLS takes the cake for me. Sure, improvements can be made, but many of those should remain loyal to the American style of sport, like having playoffs, the biggest showcase for any sport.

3. I had a horrible dream last night about the first leg of the NY-NE first round matchup that can be summed up in three words and three numbers: Red Bull 4, Revolution 0, 13th minute.

4. Speaking of tomorrow's Revs-Red Bull match, I'd like to thank MLS for having it broadcast on Fox Soccer Channel, which to this day, is only available on digital cable here in RI. Of course, with the Sox and Rockies starting a little after 8pm, the second half of the match may be spent with me feverishly flipping back and forth between channels at residence to be named later.

5. In light of Stephen Colbert's recent announcement in his bid for the White House in 2008, I would like to propose that, should a catastrophic event prevent such a sure thing, Mr. Colbert seek the MLS Commissioner's throne. No offense to Don Garber - he's doing a splendid job, and I say that without reservation - but it's my belief that the League could use some bears on the sidelines. And monkeys. And chimpanzees. You know, for the kids.

6. I still can't believe that the collegiate season's coming to an end in the next week or so. The thought that my workweek and Saturday afternoon lifeblood will soon dry brings a figurative tear to my eye. No more Anchormen/women soccer? What'll I do when it's over? Start my Christmas shopping?

7. Good luck to the Anchorwomen this weekend in the quaint town of Gorham, ME, just west of Portland. With a win there against University of Southern Maine, RIC will have clinched not only a first-round bye in the LEC playoffs, but a semi-final home game on November 2nd. Go Anchorwomen!

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