Friday, September 07, 2007

Post Game thoughts: RIC beats RWU, 1-0

After watching yesterday's 1-0 Anchormen victory over RWU, some post-match fare:

- The match was a very high-paced affair, with both clubs playing aggressive, attacking football throughout. The fact that it remained 0-0 for as long as it did – 65 minutes - was not only testament to both clubs backlines, but also some communication issues on the part of the Anchormen.

- Referee Edwin Resendes appeared to have no interest whatsoever in pulling the yellow card out of his shirt pocket, despite the fact that the match was filled with more elbows than a macaroni salad. By the time the second half came around, I was almost waiting for both clubs to come out in helmets and shoulder pads.

- RWU had a deep bench, and it was noted by a few spectators within earshot of my perch that there were more royal blue players on the bench than on the pitch.

- The Ryan Kelly goal was a thing of beauty that materialized in Ferrari-quick fashion off a Bobby Sturdahl free kick in the 65th minute. After Sturdahl swept the ball into the area, Kelly immediately raced into its path, and headed it past a helpless Dan Ruscigno to conclude the sweet sequence. As astonishing as it was that the match remained scoreless for so long, it was only appropriate that the build-up to the lone goal came and went so quickly.

- Though the Anchormen played a pretty good match, the amount of cheering from the stands during the match was considerably less than the amount heard during women's games, though the attendance figures for both clubs are roughly the same.

- Completely unrelated to the match itself is that the RIC Bookstore is completely sold-out of RIC Soccer tees. "You want a RIC Baseball tee? You got it. RIC Tennis? Sure, what size? RIC Soccer? Sorry, we're out of them until the next order arrives in a week or so." In the meantime, check out the snazzy adidas warm-up suits, which are quite fashionable.

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