Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Random Mid-Week Rant

You gotta love Steve Nicol keeping the core of the Revolution together. Guys like Pat Noonan, Taylor Twellman, Matt Reis, AJ, and Shalrie are such a pleasure to watch. Pessimists might call it stagnation...hisss! I call it consistency, although it wouldn't hurt to bring in another lad to help improve the club's overall depth. It's sad to note that someday, all these guys won't be on the same pitch together. Why do I wax about this?

Over the weekend, I scoured the local comic book store to find a title involving a character from one of my favorite comic books. I purchased New Warriors #3, as I had heard a rumor that my favorite character from the series - Chamber - was "reincarnated" in the New Warriors book as a character named "Decibel."

When I was an adolescent, I faithfully read Generation X, by far the the most interesting comic book I've ever stumbled across. As much joy that was provided through my devotion toward its monthly updates, I was deeply saddened the book was cancelled in six years ago. Since then, I have scurried through comic book stores attempting to replicate the joy that Gen X provided me as a youngster.

As an adult, without a secure ongoing and interesting comic title to keep me pre-occupired, this current Revolution squad has, in essence become my Generation X. Something that allows me a wonderful distraction from the real world, and provides the same kind of joy that I once attained from sitting against my bedpost poring over the grainy pages of the comic.

Yes, the likes of Noonan, Twellman, and Shalrie , like comic book heroes, won't stick together forever. The shelf-life on this group of footballers has been pleasantly extended with contract extensions to Twellman, Noonan and Reis. But it won't last into my 30's or 40's. Years from now, after the pieces have been divied among other MLS clubs and/or international sides, will I still check in on them every so often, if only for a reprisal of how things were in the past? Surely, much like I continue to do with the comic characters of my youth.

In the not-so-distant future, I'm sure some talent-laden crop of rookies will replace these fine gents long after they exited the confines of Gillette Stadium. But in the interim, it's been one fantastic ride so far.

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