Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Mid-week Talking Points

I stared at the sheet of paper before me, hands firmly entrenched to the forehead, with a sigh of despair:

"Which days should I use for vacation this month?"

Note that my employer subscribes to the "use it or lose it" philosophy of time off. In other words, no cashing in on unused vacation/personal days at the end of the year. So rather than waste the days off afforded to me, I try to use them as strategically and carefully as possible.

Note: Of the time off used thus far, at least 50% have been as a result to soccer - training, matches, and other related ventures that require a day away from the office.So with that disclosure, I have marked recovery dates for August 13 (day after the Barnum & Beckham Circus) and August 27 (day after National Hall of Fame induction ceremony).

Pathetic, I know.

So with tomorrow's US Open Cup match vs. Harrisburg City, here are some notable facts about the USL-2 side:

Though they finished seventh in USL-2 last year, they currently sport a 10-2-5 record in 2007.

Former Revolution midfielder Jani Galik (2006) currently plays for the Islanders.

Wondering how they got their name? According to Wikipedia:

"City Island is an island in the Susquehanna River between Harrisburg and Wormleysburg, Pennsylvania in the United States.... The island also provides family based amusements such as a miniature steam railroad, carousel, riverboat, children's playground, batting cages, miniature golf, a riverside village, a concrete beach, and the Skyline Sports Complex. This facility is the home of the Harrisburg City Islanders USL Second Division soccer team and the Central Penn Piranha, a semi-professional football team which belongs to the North American Football League. The sports complex is open year-round to the public, and provides a multi-purpose sports field, sand volleyball courts, and a fitness center.”

Check out the google map of the location:


Why anyone would anyone base one, let alone two sports teams, on this tiny little island is beyond me. Check out the baseball stadium - the island's just barely wide enough to contain it! The taxes there must be non-existent...either that, or someone has some unflattering pictures of somebody's significant other...

The club's colors are tropical blue and navy blue. First thing: Ha, I get it! But Tropical blue for a team called "the Islanders" is only appropriate when the club plays in tropical environment. Again, "tropical" is the last thing that comes to mind when I view picks of the gaggle of rocks, stones, and dirt that comprise the mini-island. Second, two blues to make up a club's colors? I guess it makes sense...island...water...more water...when looking at the colors, I just think of the Buffalo Bills and the train wreck of their multi-blued uniforms.

*The Revs should unquestionably get Kevin Garnett to come to Gillette for a Revs game. When interviewed about his arrival in Boston last week, KG touched upon his love for all sports: "I'm a huge sports fan. Whether it be soccer, tennis, football..."


At no cost to Kraft Sports, I will personally purchase KG's ticket to any upcoming Revolution match at Gillette Stadium.

*When Steve Nicol switched from the customary 3-5-2 to a 3-4-3 at halftime of the DCU match, it was a valiant effort to spark the lads toward a more aggressive attack Unfortunately, the switch cost the Revs one of their biggest playmakers - Andy Dorman (7 MLS goals) - and did little to do anything, save for Adam Cristman alone getting decent chances among there three forwards. The better move would have been to keep Dorman in, and - dare I say it? - take out Twellman, who was little more than a phantom on the pitch Sunday afternoon.

*It's tough for any rookie to crack the starting eleven, and even tougher when the club is winning, as the gaffer isn't as in inclined to toil with what's presently working. But how long will speedy defender Kyle Helton be exiled to the sidelines?

He'll probably see action vs. Harrisburg City, as he had played in the waning minutes of the club's previous US Open Cup match at Rochester last month. A window of opportunity may present itself during Michael Parkhurst's convalescence from an apparent leg injury suffered in the first half of the DC match.

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