Monday, May 21, 2007

2007: A Soccer Odyssey


In an effort to immerse myself in the many facets of the beautiful game I have yet to experience, I am planning an undertaking of less-than-monumental proportions; traversing along the pitches and plod fields on the Eastern Seaboard. All of this, in search of the eternal question: What is soccer?

No, my mother did not drop me when I was a babe. Why do you ask?

The plan: visit as many stops in and around the New England soccer scene. The general timeframe to accomplish the undertaking is from May to September. Below are the venues where I plan on making my presence known.

Because my schedule is chameleon-like to say the least, I can't, as of yet, specifiy the dates I'll be attending these sites. However, if you think that I should attend a specific game at the home of a fine club not listed, e-mail me, and you may convince me otherwise.

Here are the anticipated stops:

Vermont Voltage (PDL)
Rhode Island Stingrays (PDL)
New England Revolution (MLS)
Cape Cod Crusaders (PDL)
New England Mutiny (W-League)
Western Mass Pioneers (USL)
Fox Point Soccer (rec)
Mexican Soccer League (Providence, RI)
Carolina RailHawks or Northern Virgina FC

What do I hope to accomplish by endeavoring toward the nooks and crannies of where the game is played? To give an illustration - paint a portrait, yes, that sounds much more poetic -of what is soccer.

I won't reserve myself to large, bowl-like monoliths suitable for American football, tradeshows, concerts and national conventions. My eyes shall grace the smaller, more intimate valleys and neighborhoods where soccer is unspoiled. 22 guys, 2 goals, a ball and a pitch. That's all you need, really. During the past year, I've found the lovechild of these two passions intermarried: soccer and writing. It is my hope that in creating these illustrations, that I can convey what soccer is at these various venues.

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