Friday, April 13, 2007

Interview with Wells Thompson

Last Saturday, Revolution first round pick Wells Thompson made his MLS regular season debut vs. the Chicago Fire, alongside two fellow rookies in forward Adam Cristman and Gary Flood. The match marked the first time three rookies had ever started an opening match during Steve Nicol’s tenure.

Revsnet caught up with Wells to get his take on his MLS regular season debut.

Brian: Tell me a little about your first MLS game. How would you rate your overall performance?

Wells: I was pretty pleased. Of course, it sucks that we lost. Individually, I was fairly pleased about how I played for my first game.

Brian: Given that it was your first game, were you nervous at all?

Wells: Two days before the game I was real nervous. But I felt real good before the start of the game, and I was calm and ready to play. I think the first I half I struggled a bit, but once I settled down in the 2nd half, I think I was able to make things happen.

Brian: Was there anything that you may have learned from last week’s game that you can try and apply to tomorrow’s game vs. Toronto?

Wells: I think in the beginning of the Chicago game, I was a little bit tentative. So this week, I think I just get off the bat and get after it, and don’t wait for anything.

Brian: Now given that there was three rookies who started last week, you, Adam Cristman and Gary Flood, did you guys all feel the same kind of apprehension prior to the game?

Wells: I think inside, it was a big deal. Of course, it was a huge deal. I think we just tried not to show it. I think we just tried to encourage each other, and congratulate each other also. We also kind of supported each other as well.

Brian: With you possibly starting tomorrow, should you score your first MLS goal, do you have any kind of goal celebrations that you’ve got planned?

Wells: (laughs) First of all, I wouldn’t even know how I would get started. (laughs) If I did, it was probably just go to crap anyway. I’ll probably just run around, and jump up and down. But my parents are actually coming up this weekend…

Brian: Oh, that’s great! Is this going to be the first time they see you in an MLS game?

Wells: Well, they have the MLS (Direct Kick) Package, but this will be the first time they’ll see me in person (playing in the MLS).


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