Thursday, April 19, 2007

Breakers Return

My initial reaction upon hearing of the news that the Boston Breakers will return in 2008 quite honestly took me by surprise. Graham Hays from had sent me an e-mail about a press conference in Brookline involving Kristine Lilly and Angela Hucles (both former Breakers), and I didn't know what to think. Was this the press conference to announce that the Breakers were back, ready for 2008?

The prospect of the the Breakers returning was somewhat dim back in February, when WUSA announced its relaunch in 2008. Major investors in other cities such as Chicago, DC, and LA were already in place, but no mention was made of Boston. So my initial reaction to yesterday's press conference, without many details, was one of guarded optimism.

Then, by way of some google searches late last night, I was able to find confirmation that the Breakers were indeed returning next year. And after speaking with many US WNT players over the weekend before and after their win Saturday at Gillette, I can only say that I am extremely proud of their efforts.

I am especially happy for Kristine Lilly, who I sometimes have a hard time grasping that she is one of the best players in the world due to her small stature. I heard it in her voice last Friday while interviewing her that she was excited and hopeful about the possibility of finishing her career on Boston-based pro women's team. Now the opportunity is there for her to do just that.

Congrats Lil - you deserve this.

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