Saturday, March 03, 2007

Show Your Pride - Wear Your Colors!

Pursuant to one of my more valuable random thoughts concocted while I was at the gym last month, I suggested on the Big Soccer board that today be known as Revs Color Day. In an effort to proselytize to the soccer gentiles, I suggested that we, Revs Nation (yes, I'm calling it that), all wear our Revs gear today in an effort to spread the word about our favorite club. The hope was that by going out and making ourselves known while wearing the Revs red, white, and blue, would ellicit questions or comments about our club from a stranger or two. Interest = good. I was genuinely surprised by the amount of positive feedback and participation that such an idea had garnered.

So, wear your Revs hats, shirts, jerseys, scarves, boxers - REVS ANYTHING! Show your pride - wear your colors!

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