Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Revs/Bermuda Select Team

It's tough to listen to to Revs games on the radio, as the Revs/Bermudan Select Team was simulcast via revolutionsoccer.net. I'm typically accustomed to visuals, but for now, I will make due with the excellent work of announcer Brad Feldman, who provided the play-by-play. Throughout the action, the audience was informed of two additional trial players with the club in Bermuda: Peruvian Jorge Ramirez and Japanese Takashi Hirano. Both made their unofficial Revolution debuts Tuesday night, with Hirano being of particular interest to yours truly.

I was first advised of Hirano-san's arrival to the team about two weeks ago from a source familiar with Japanese soccer, and, in particular, J.League. Seeing as Hirano's arrival is now confirmed, it will be interesting to see if he will stick with the club beyond Bermuda.

*Wells Thompson sounds like he's having a tremendous game. He assisted on an Andy Dorman go-ahead goal in the second half, and Feldman sang his praises throughout the action.

*Ramirez scored soonafter the Dorman goal in the 82nd minute.

*Soon after, Hirano connected beautifully on a pass to Sims, who just misfired on goal, as the ball gently found its way to the Bermudan keeper. Feldman had noted the quality of Hirano's crosses.

*Additionally, there was mention of a Japanese national by the name Takuya Yamada, another former J.League player. Can anyone say Dice-K Fever???

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