Sunday, November 12, 2006

Show Me What Ya Got

With Jay-Z's "Show Me What Ya Got" pulsating on my iPod for the 671st time...and with the MLS Cup Final mere hours away, it's time for me, the nonwhimsical wannabe writer to elicit the following actions from our local soccer heroes.

SHOW ME WHAT YA GOT...Taylor Twellman. This is your chance, on a nationally broadcasted match to show all those who have overlooked your abilities (cough*Bruce Arena*cough) that you were deserving of more than an "alternate" designation for this year's World Cup roster. This is your World Cup stage, Taylor. An early goal or two - not to get greedy - would be a nice little "have a nice day" to those like-minded detractors.

SHOW ME WHAT YA GOT...Clint Dempsey. I'm resigned to the theory that this is your final game in a Revs kit. I know you'll be hungry for this match, perhaps more so than any other match in your MLS career, and I know that your game will be kicked into overdrive once you hit the pitch, injury or no injury. A goal, assist, or even eliciting a few sprained ankles and/or pulled groins from a clumsy defender or two while exhibiting your uncanny ballhandling skills would no doubt be a great way for you to leave the Revs on a high note.

SHOW ME WHAT YA GOT...Andy Dorman. Show me that you can make that incredible pass to Twellman, Ralston or Dempsey, God willing, to set the table for multiple goals. And for God sakes, if you have a clear shot on net, DON'T PASS IT! I almost choked on my Pepperoni Pizza Combos while throwing my arms in disgust after you PASSED on that clear shot you had vs. Red Bull in NJ back in September. You're a good player on a very good team - don't forget that!

SHOW ME WHAT YA GOT...Pat Noonan. Mr. October himself has registered a critical goal vs. Chicago in Game 2, and a beautiful assist on the only goal of the DC game. They named a candy bar after Reggie Jackson...if the Revs prevail come Sunday, could a Noonan Nugat bar be on the horizon? (I have half a mind to copyright this very idea, with, of course, the permission of Mr. Noonan)

SHOW ME WHAT YA GOT...Avery John. Your rock-solid defending has not gone unnoticed. You've played sensational of late, and there's no doubt in my mind that you can stop Brian Ching and Dwayne DeRosario cold. A big game for you could mean the difference in a potential low scoring affair.

SHOW ME WHAT YA GOT...Matt Reis. Nevermind. You've already proven to be THE BEST keeper in MLS, despite being snubbed as the best in your profession this year. That's ok though. In DC, they call Trey Perkins 2006 MLS Goalkeeper of the Year. In New England, we call you God. 'Nuff said.

SHOW ME WHAT YA GOT...2006 Revs. You guys have fought tooth and nail all year to get to this point. I know you have one more win left in you, and what better time than today to pull it all together and finally bring home the Cup to New England? This could very well be the last time we see most of you all on the same pitch, proudly wearing the colors of our region, despite the lack of media coverage all season. Let's have a hand in FORCING the media to report what could be a great day in New England sports history. Call me an optimist: I have a picture frame already set for your front-page success.

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